2005 C6 Corvette Audio Make Over

Published: 28th November 2006
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After upgrading much of the engine performance, and body components on our 2005 C6 Corvette. It was time for this Vette to get some upgrades in the audio department. Not that the existing stock system was all that bad, it just needed a little nudge forward. (For photos of this project visit www.smokinvette.com and view the Corvette forum or gallery)

What we started out with was stock head unit with navigation and XM radio, 8" Bose subs mounted in the doors with tweeters and 6 1/2" Bose in the rear. The stock system sounded fine when running from the CD player or radio... however during when operating the XM radio or music with respectable levels of bass the sound quality was a "5" out of 10.

The first component to be removed was the door speakers. After the stock Bose's was removed we installed Boston Pro 60's. I had used Boston's in the past and enjoyed the quality of sound they offered. So this fine tuned Corvette I wanted the same level of quality. The Pro 60's are 6 1/2" Mids with 1" alloy dome tweeters. For the rear speaker replacements we used Boston SL 65, another 6 1/2" 2 way speaker.

In this Corvette we are running the B&B Bullet X-Pipe and Axle back exhaust system. So as you can imagine it's a bit loud in the cab when you are getting on it. With this in mind... we needed some serious bass! There were challenges that we faced when deciding on how and where, were we going to build a custom box to house the subs. One of the main issues was to keep it as low profile as possible yet give the subs room to breath. Not to mentioned still needed to have room to place the top of the car in the trunk when needed! We decided to build the box positioned directly behind the driver and passenger seat. At the end of the day the box was only 9" tall spanning nearly 42", sloped on the back side that not only allowed 2 10" JL Audio subs to mount properly, but also gave enough room to place the top of the car in the trunk for storage.

Next... Amps and where were we going to place these in our 2005 Corvette coupe. We decided to go with the Alpine PDX series amp. Being Alpine's new style of Amps that could operate while being stacked on top of one another in close quarters made sense. Matter of fact both the 600 Watt amp which was used to power the front speakers and the 1000 Watt amp that was used to power the two subs fit nicely in the passenger side rear trunk compartment!

With the battery back in place it was time to fire this up and see about sound tests. After some minor adjustments to the amp settings we were up and running. Perfect choice of sound components... actually the clarity of these speakers in the cab of this 2005 Corvette with the bass directly behind you was incredible. For those of you who like the more bass while zipping around town... the two JL Audio's sounded great...

For more information and photos from this 2005 Corvette audio upgrade visit www.smokinvette.com Corvette Forum. If you have any questions on this article or questions on your Corvette, post them in our forum!

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